Dutch-German art, music & poetry project "Minimale Gesten" in Leipzig (DE)









On the occasion of the Netherlands' guest appearance Alles außer flach at the Leipzig Book Fair, Galerie Hochdruckpartner initiated Minimale Gesten. In this context the gallery invited composer Cees Hiep (NL) as well as eight visual artists, Eleonora Damme (DE), Andrea Lange (DE), Gabriele Sperlich (DE), Susann Hoch (DE), Hanneke van der Hoeven (NL/DE), B.C. Epker (NL), Inez Odijk (NL), Jacomijn den Engelsen (NL), to make new work based on the inspiring poetry of Peter van Lier (NL). The composer wrote a music composition for harpsichord and voice, and the visual artists made woodcuts, linocuts and artists books.

At the exhibition opening Peter van Lier will read from his poems and pianist/composer Ermis Theodorakis (GR/DE) will perform the new music composition 'Koerend keren / Gurrend sich wenden' of Cees Hiep for the very first time. 
The opening will take place on Friday, March 22, 2024 at 7:45 p.m. in Galerie Hochdruckpartner in Leipzig and the exhibition will last until Mai 2.
In addition to these events, a woodcut of Epker will also be on display at the Leipziger Buchmesse from 21 bis 24 March.

B.C. Epker's creation of new work was generously sponsored by the Gemeente Leeuwarden. Other parts of the project were also supported by the Dutch embassy, Dutch foundation for literature, and Leeuwarden – UNESCO City of Literature.