Customised art project: "Artistic Repair Shop" in Fries Museum Leeuwarden (NL)


During a weekend in September 2020 visitors of the Fries Museum were invited to bring images of personal items they'd liked to have artistically repaired, plus a short description of the issue. 

Preferably things that immobilise the person; for example that cause fear (which freeze them), that fascinate (i.e. enslave and enchant) them, or that restrict them. The artist set these factors in motion by letting them procreate with the elephant in the room, as well as with the unexpected and the unknown. The end result was a customised riso-print for every client - one that moved them and set them in motion again!

Example; someone brought this photo of the explosion in Beirut in 2020:


and wrote: 

 "I am having difficulty processing this image. It triggered a prior trauma that is related with my growing up in Lebanon during the civil war. This image literally threw me back into a fear-based stress response, just like it happened in the past. I have managed to suppress these overwhelming emotions, but have felt emotionally numb ever since." 

Epker fixed the wrecked ship, so it could sail again and beat the dragon.

Details of riso-print:

And some riso-prints made for other clients: