Customised art project: "Artistic Repair Shop' in Fries Museum Leeuwarden (NL)


On Saturday 19 September 2020 members of the public were invited to bring along an image of something which was immobilising them, as well as a short text about it.

Immobilising things could be for example; fears (they make us freeze), fascinations (they let us repeat ourselves), masks, patterns and regulations (they are fixed and restrict us), and prejudices (impede the view on reality). The artist thus let them breed with 'the unexpected' and 'radical otherness'. He incarnated things hanging in the air, that had potential and generated new meanings. Because an artwork can - like events in love, politics or science  move us and set us in motion! A good artwork 'works'! 

The end result was a customised riso-print.

Example; a client brought this photo:


and wrote: 

I am having difficulty processing these images. Initially the images triggered prior traumas, which I have experienced as a child growing up in Lebanon. They literally threw me back into a fear-based stress response, just like during the original traumas from the past, as if they were reoccurring in the present. I have managed to suppress these overwhelming emotions and have since been feeling emotionally numb." 


Epker set to work with these ingredients... repaired the wrecked ship, so that it can beat the dragon.

Details of riso-print:

And some riso-prints made for other clients: