The printing of wallpaper and large scale woodcuts

during an artist-in-residency in Museum für Druckkunst, Leipzig (DE), September 2020

The printing of a woodcut

A woodblock of another woodcut

Making the last corrections before the edition is being printed

Drying the prints

Wallpaper options...

Large scale woodblock prepared...

Printing of the wallpaper background

Printing the motifs

The last minor corrections...

Another color version; gray/black


Noli me tangere (from the series 'Around our Frisian churches')

Untitled (from the series 'Around our Frisian churches')

Circe (Nicky Minaj - from the series 'Around our Frisian churches')

FZ at Engwierum (from the series 'Around our Frisian churches'

Installation view

The opening of the exhibition